Master pages ?????

I am searching to do a very simple task: inserting small ext intro to each part of an orchestral piece

I tried several ways, editing the master page creating a nex master page…
looked deeply on the manuel
look to the forum
The more i search, the less I understand !!!..

Could you explain me why a new master page that looks what i whish does not apply to parties ?

Dawned forum, why cann’t i inclue a .dorico file!

If changes to the Master Pages do not appear on the document pages, then you have ‘overrides’ on those pages. You can tell this by the Red triangles in the pages on the panel on the right hand side. If you have made manual changes to a page, then the Master Page no longer alters it.

You can remove the overrides by right-clicking on a page icon. You have the option to remove just that page’s override, or ALL overrides in all pages.

To upload a Dorico file, you first need to zip it.

Dear JF,
You might want to come and join le groupe des utilisateurs francophones de Dorico, where you’ll find my french translation of Dan’s Beginner’s guide.
À bientôt !