Master Project not updating correctly?

After working for a while, I “save general layout” and then using “save as”, create a master project. Next session I open this master project and “Restore general layout”. Everything works as expected.

Now, working further (creating more montages and files), I then “save general layout”. An asterisk appears next to Master Project name. Save master project (asterisk disappears).

Next session, I open the master project, select “Restore general layout”, and the first layout returns – not the updated layout from the last session. This happens no matter how many times I update and resave.

Am I missing something?



This happens to me too.

I’ve developed a work around for this: I select “NEW” in the menu and then “save general layout” creating the asterisk. I click the save icon and just save it as the previously named file.

However, this works for me only because I don’t add any files to the master project itself, I use it only to save the layout, because I often have to switch between different projects during the week.