Master Quality Authenticated MQA

Can you tell me if there is anything in the works to provide Cubase with the new MQA audio format ?

It will obviously be the new audio standard and will be commercially available this summer.

I would love to be able to export my finished products with this encoding.


One day, if it takes off, may it be included in cubase. Till then, transcoding will be the way, a 2-step process… export, transcode, publish.

Thanks for the reply.
Could you explain what transcoding is? I’m not familiar with that terminology.

As for MQA, I have no doubt it will take off. If, you haven’t read about it, scientists have re-done the math that Analog to Digital conversion was based upon. Developed by Harry Nyquist in 1929! Every format today is based upon his formula. The new formula has better fidelity than anything we have today and with a footprint smaller than an MP3 file. Playback without a decoder has fidelity slightly better than a CD.
The High-end Publication ‘The Absolute Sound’ featured MQA in their June issue. There is a great Article ‘from the Editor’ that explains the history of Hi-res audio and it’s fundamental problems. And why MQA is so groundbreaking.
Several companies are already in the process of converting old masters to the MQA format. Computers & such only need a software update to encode and decode the audio. What comes out of the studio after this will be the most pure representation of what the artist expressed.

Fast, cheap and extraordinarily mind blowing fidelity.

Exciting times ahead…