Master rig added audible click-even when all components disabled

I’m having an issue exporting a small piece of music. With MasterRig disabled there is no added audible click, but with MasterRig enabled -EVEN if every component within masterRig is bypassed, it is adding an audible click to the audio. I don’t knowhow else to diagnose this since every component in masterRig is disabled.

Are you on 9.5.50?


For what it’s worth, it was a click with a strong -dc offset that slowly releases back to 0v. This was all before the actual audio material happens so w was able to cut it out and smooth it out with a bunch of fade ins, but it’s still disconcerting because I could have missed it.

What process were you using? Exporting isn’t really a thing but we do have render, render in place, rendering in the audio montage, rendering an audio file…

And there are many render options. I think more info is needed to do any useful troubleshooting.

Sorry for the lack of clarity. I rendered a 24/48 .wav file to another 24/48 .wav file (by clicking that “start” arrow thing in the center ribbon. I have a whole master section of effects, but I isolated it down to the master rig as being the culprit. The new file becomes a new tab there in the bottom section and that’s where I saw (and heard) the click. it’s the first time I noticed this issue before.

For what it’s worth, I’ll attach a screenshot of my master section (I have denoise enabled here, but it’s usually not and was not when I got the click).

If you fully remove all that stuff (not just bypass), and have only Master Rig inserted, does Master Rig still produce the click?