Master section bypass settings on project files not saved??

I have a mastering project I’m working on. 27 songs. I’m halfway done, save it as a project so I can open it up and be right back to where I was at when I last worked on it, but now all of my finished files that are in the project, which were previously bypassing the master section, now no longer are. Why??? Why aren’t the master section bypass settings saved with the project file?? It is quite annoying and a waste of time to have to go through each and every file to manually hit the bypass button.

Yes, it would be good that this information is retained.

Yes it would. Please make it happen. :wink:

Is there a reason you can’t use the montage and the montage output effects section? All of the settings in the montage output effects section as well as clip and track plugins are fully remembered.

I really dislike the entire global master section and how it interacts with audio files and montages so therefor I have made a workflow that allows me to hide and never use the global master section.

Hi Justin, I understand the reasoning behind your not using the master section with Montages and it’s a great solution for this thread but going off subject a little, I’m just wondering about your mention of ‘audio files’ here… presumably you’d still need the master section if you wanted to apply audio effects while working with an audio file in the Audio Editor ?

Yes, you would still need to use the global master section for standalone audio file processing. I guess I just don’t work with standalone audio files very often in WaveLab, it seems that I heavily use the montage instead.

I mostly use the Audio File mode to analyze stuff I’ve rendered from the montage but not for processing audio, or maybe to preview files from clients before I start mastering. For processing of audio files, the global master section makes a little more sense but when I first moved to WaveLab from Waveburner (LOL I know), I could not get around the concept of the global master section being a separate entity than the montage project, but thankfully the montage output effects tab was added.

Now that I think about it, even if I have to work with one audio file and process it, I’ll put it in a montage so I have a .mon file that saves everything with the file, reducing the change of user error saving/loading the master section separately.

I will say that the Playback Processing section of the global master section is useful, especially now that I use the Clarity M hardware meter, I can insert the Clarity M plugin in the Playback Processing slot and forget about it.

Thanks for the info Justin !