Master Section on LE9

Hi there - I need some help

I am a total beginner with sound recording. I have the Wavelab 9 LE version and I can do some basic stuff like set up the mic, record and then do a few basic edits because the filters and effects are in teh audio manager tabs…

BUT I can not figure out how to apply any of the effects on the Master Section. I can select the parts of the wave that I want to make cahnges to and all that BUT I don’t knwo how to darg the items to the process tab or apply them or whatever…

Like I said I am a beginner, so please be very simple and don;t assume I know anythign … cuz I dont


Usually you add effects to the Master Section effects slots, then render with the effects to a new file (non-destructive to the original file, so safer), or render in place with effects to the existing file (destructive to the original file, so best to use on a copy of the original file). For details, see the Master Section part of the manual starting on page 137: