Master section plugin window display issue

Hi PG,

Since I updated to WL 7.2. I’m having an issue with the pop up window for plugins in the master section. When I select the heading for my Waves plugins, the display opens with a majority of the plugin names off the screen (see attached picture “left”). If I move the master section from it’s docked position, all the way over to the right side of the screen and then select Waves plugins, all of the names can be displayed (see picture “right”). So there is a work around but having to move the master section from it’s docked position every time I want to select a Waves plugin is kind of a pain. This is a new behavior since the new update.



Similar issue here - I have Waves Mercury, so the large number of plugins is causing only a partial list of plugins to be displayed. And no scroll bars and/or arrows to move through the list. I’ve had a similar issue with all 7.x releases, which I forwarded screen shots to PG, which hopefully help diagnose this defect.

Hi Ed,

Sorry to hear that you’re having the same issue. It’s a new problem with me ever since the 7.2 update.

Earlier I posted that there is a work around when trying to access the plugins from the master section. All you have to do is undock and move the master section window to the extreme right side of the screen. This will allow all of the plugin names to be seen. There is NO work around for using clip based plugins in the montage. When opening the window, only part of the list is revealed. Sad to learn this as it is a show stopper for me. Looks like I’ll be rolling back to v7.1.

This will be fixed in upcoming 7.2.1 hot fix.

A current workaround would be to create plugin groups, to move some Waves plugins into these groups, hence reducing the number of items in the sub-menu.

Good news PG. Thanks!

Same issue here, what i do as a workaround on a MAC Lion for the Track plugins in a Montage is move the whole Wavelab window to the far right so the Plugin window has enough space. Groups didn´t do the trick cause i would have to have a lot of them. :wink:
My Master section is on a separate screen so no problem there.