Master Section Preset Plugins Opening on Wrong Monitor

I have wavelab 8 and I have it open on my second monitor along with all my plugins. I opened wavelab as usual and the last montage opened correctly to the last time it was opened, but all the plugin windows for some reason opened on my first monitor which they should have opened on the second monitor.

All the montages that I created have the plugin windows open in the same area on the second monitor. I save them as master section presets for each montage I create. Now when I open a master section preset all the plugin windows open on my first monitor. This is crazy, all the master section presets were setup and saved to open in the same positions and always have opened that way until today. I now have to open each montage one by one along with the corresponding master section preset and move all the plugin windows to the correct position on the second monitor and save them again. Not sure why this is happening but to go back and save them all will take along time.

Their has to be a file that has the positions of the plugins saved. How else would all of them now open in a different position now

Hi PG,

Is there a global file that the position of the plugin windows are saved in?

I created many master section presets with the plugin windows showing on my second monitor. For some reason they are all opening on my main monitor now. I moved the plugin windows back to the desired positions on the second monitor and resaved the preset. It now works but only for that preset. I have to go back and redo each one. Their has to be a global file with a setting for this. How else would all the presets change at once and show on the wrong monitor.


You might try to erase this folder: AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab 8.5\Cache
(under Windows)

Hi PG,

I deleted The cache folder and upon WL8 startup the check Plug-ins dialogue box appeared and it went thorough the check and after it finished WL8 opened but the master section presets still opened on the first monitor.

Some history:
I have a dual monitor setup with several PCs connected to a Dual DVI KVM switch. I have had this setup for many years and the PCs and WL versions have changed over the years from 3.0 to 8. WL has been on at least 2 of them and they have identical setups in case one PC dies I can keep everything going and not lose anything. This is the first time in those years that after I saved a master section preset that the plug-in window is opening on the wrong monitor. In fact all the master section presets plugin windows were opening on the wrong monitor

After this issue happened I wrote this post but I opened each preset and moved them back and save them all again. It took an hour or so but it worked so I thought I would just save the preset folder every so often so if this happens again I could just copy this folder back, but read on…

So I checked my other PC with WL 8 on it I opened WL8 and the same thing happened. I then copied all the master section presets from my first PC that I just fixed to the second PC and it did not fix this. The only way I found so far is to open all the presets move the windows and resave each and everyone again. So far I have not done this on my second PC. There needs to be a better solution.

Something in WL is causing all the plugin windows to open on the wrong monitor. So just copying working master section presets to another PC with WL8 on it does not work. After resaving the presets the time-stamp for each preset changed to the time I resaved them and they worked once again, but after copying those same working presets and opening them on the second PC the time stamp did not change but the windows opened to wrong monitor. Something in WL was globally overriding the setting for each master section preset.

In the past after WL was all setup I just copied the entire Preset folder from one PC to the other to get identical setups and it always worked. I have done this on previous versions of Wl with no issues until now. I know I never had to redo the presets

Thanks in advance

When window coordonates are saved, a screen index is saved also. But if you reopen the preset on another system where the monitor indexes are different, you get the side effect you see. The WaveLab internals were different in WaveLab 6, and were changed to solve other kinds of problems.
Not so easy to find a solution to this case.
Or maybe an option like “force open plugins on same monitor as Master Section”.


Ok, so if I resave on second PC the MS presets and save the preset folder (In Roaming Profile) that should work if they get corrupted again on that PC.

I would have to save the preset folder (in Roaming Profile) on each PC for recovery if it happens again on either PC

I would like to try “force open plugins on same monitor as Master Section” before I resave each preset on 2nd PC…Where is this option?

Thanks in advance

I would like to try “force open plugins on same monitor as Master Section” before I resave each preset on 2nd PC…Where is this option?

Does not exist yet…

Hi PG,

It sounded like it wasn’t available yet but I wanted to ask anyway.

So in the meantime the best way to recover from this is to periodically save the “Preset” folder (in Roaming Profile) for each PC


Best practice would be to save the whole “Wavelab 8” folder (in Roaming Profile) which contains the Cache, Preference and Preset folder

…Any downside to copying back any of these folders if a problem arises. I know when I deleted the cache folder the Plugin dialogue window appeared to do a check. I had also copied the plugin settings dat file in Preferences from 1 PC to another and it caused some plugins not to be found so luckily I had the original backed up to restore to.

Thanks in advance

Any downside to copying back any of these folders if a problem arises.

Of course not.
Settings are not written in the registry so that users can easily make backups.

Yes, that would be a sensible practice for sure.


Thanks for the confirming best practice and I hope “force open plugins on same monitor as Master Section” makes it into WL soon.