Master Template / House Style

I felt this need a separate thread (than using the November 2 one).

  1. Can I make a font template? For instance being able to have a Bravura Edit font available directly in Engrave → Music Fonts so that I can easily switch back and forth. This would be similar to Sibelius’s House Style.

  2. Can I easily default any font in default (factory) settings? I see that I can do that for Paragraph and Character Styles (Revert to Factory) but not in Font Styles.

  3. I read about a Master Template option is coming and that currently saving a configured format is the best option. But, if I change anything from the fonts (Character Styles, Font Styles), will it not affect the default settings for any new .dorico file?

Dorico doesn’t yet have an easy way to import and export the styles from one project into another, though that is certainly something we plan to provide in the future. In the meantime, if you get one project looking the way you want, the simplest thing to do is to save it under a new name, then delete all of the players, flows and layouts from the project, effectively making it into a blank template that you can use as the basis for a new project.