"Master track cannot be shifted with this operation"

What does this message mean? I get it when importing track archives, OMFs, changing project start times, etc. And I never know whether to click “No” or “Continue” and most of the time the same thing happens no matter which one I click.

What is the “master track” anyway? Can’t seem to find anything about it or this message in the manual anywhere.



It’s to do with the tempo track I believe Jason. I have had it many times, always seemingly when umpiring into a project using a tempo track and from an archive with a different project start time…hope that helps…
Anyone confirm my suspicions?

I guess it does help, but why can’t a tempo track be shifted? You can certainly shift the conductor track in Digital Performer. And move Song Start in Pro Tools. Steinberg, can you comment on this?

When you make an unresolveable import or, for example, change a user timestamp to before the conductor track start in Performer (at least through V.6), you get a very similar message, for pretty much the same reasons.