Master TrackVersion

Hey Steinberg -

I’d love to use Trackversions more for comping and editing, but it’s a little clunky to take a portion from one trackversion and copying it pasting it to another version. It would be easier if you could right click on a version and set it as the “master take” or “primary” or “insert name here” denoting that it’s your main playlist (comp take) as it were. This way you could develop key commands for “copy selection to master trackversion” and so on. This could make comping much easier, especially when you’re dealing with over a dozen trackversions. I could just go through and select the best parts and hit “copy to master trackversion.”

I’m sort of faking this now with a series of macros and workarounds, but it would be nice for it to become standard.

Thanks for considering. I love Nuendo, thank you for making this program better every time!