Mastercontrol and ASIO Time Overload

I have been trying my best to cycle through a whole bunch of settings ranging from 44.1 to 192 @24bits, with all of the selectable buffer settings and I still get glitches and drop-outs. The weird thing is that the ASIO Time display looks to be at a pretty low level but somehow it still creates all of a sudden overloads which in turn cause glitches and drop-outs. At my first launch Did not have seem to have problems until i started adding a few effects and and continuing my first song to the point where the program hung and I had to power off. After the reboot i recover my file and find that I start getting glitches no matter if i disable all of the effects. However i do spot that a huge overload occurs at the beginning of one of instrument track regardless of the send effect status. I have a Dual boot Macbook pro, and i have it installed in both OS. The file I have still generates gliches in both. :cry:

From what I understand it could either be a driver issue or hardware or cubase its self.
I went ahead and already installed all cubase 6 updates, and checked my drivers and i still have no luck pinning down the problem. Is it possible that Cubase 6 is just not compatible with it or maybe its too much for it to handle. :unamused: