Mastering - frequency 3 dB and 6 dB guide lines like Ozone - in Cubase?

Thinking the cumulated frequency content peaks or averate - that most analyzer do.
But also getting guide lines from 1 Khz that drop 3 dB/octave and one 6 dB/octave.

I was amazed looking at profile of professional recording I had, vinyl and CD - how they fit perfectly into this range.
Modern material seem to go closer to 3dB boosting everything beyond what sounds good even.
Vinyl seems to follow -6dB line really close.

Are there any plugin in Cubase that do this?
Or any analyzer that is not too expensive.

I used Ozone 15 years ago, if it was v1 and v2.
And it had this very convenient guide lines and match frequency profiles from various recordings and compare with your own.

I abandoned Ozone, thinking it was too digital and a little much money to just get a eq display.
The one I got was DX as well, not VST, so not sure if that can bridge at all without jeapardizing stability.

Any tips are welcome. Thanks.

There’s the free Voxengo Curve EQ in Cubase, for analysis or EQ matching (there’s good tutorials on YouTube on how to use it).


Thanks will check it out.

Here in image of Ozone: