Mastering in Cubase 8.5 - Thoughts on Creating MP3s?

I have a beat maker/producer client who has me master his beat collections of some 25-35 instrumentals typically at a time. I use a combination of hardware and plug-in processors and then print the output of master buss through my summing mixer to create the WAV file masters on another track. Creating the individual mp3 files from the masters is tedious:

  1. I set my locate points at the beginning and ending of each song;
  2. Click the Export command and insert all of the relevant info for the ID tags;
  3. Render the song;
  4. Rinse and repeat

I would love to automate the rendering process if possible, since I don’t have to listen to the tracks at this point. (If I could automate the ID tag info that would REALLY be sweet).

I’m thinking of placing each song on its own track and then using the batch export feature for each song. Does this sound like the best way of doing this? Most of the songs are the same length, so have a few extra milliseconds here and there at the end of the slightly shorter songs is no big deal. Is Pro Tools 12 better for this? I have PT12 too but I only use it when a client sends me a PT session to mix. (I’m thinking that PT’s Playlist feature may assist here). Cubase is my preferred DAW. Should I consider getting a specialized mastering DAw like Sequoia?

Everyone’s thoughts are appreciated.