Mastering in Cubase

I have Wavelab Essentials which includes a nice graphical display of the EQ range of each file loaded. I would like to have something like this integrated with my DAW mixer, so I could compare the EQ range of each track before mixing down. Is there a plugin that I could get for Cubase VST5, or a new version that includes such a plugin?

I am not ready to by a new PC, so I would prefer not to get the latest and greatest memory and CPU hog.


Cubase VST 5 is a more than capable version. I’ve used it myself since it came out. I’ve never even used my WaveLab, there’s money straight down the drain…or was. If it’s EQ you’re after, there are plenty of 3rd party plugs that your computer can use with Cubase VST 5. Just look on the net, you’ll probably find some freebies even.


One more question: Seeing that some of the better mastering plugins could cost up to $200US, I was wondering if Cubase SX3 might include what I need and maybe some more. I am looking to improve the final mix in both studio and live performances. Often the mix will sound good in several players, and off in others. I have been using the trial and error method, but it takes so much time.

Have you heard of EZ Mix by Toontrack?

then there’s add on’s to the EZ mix line