Mastering - levels too soft

I use default, unaltered Halion sounds, and the track faders are generally between 0 and -10db. Note velocities range about 30-90.

With 15 tracks, I’m finding the Integrated LUFS is about -30. To reach a target of -14, I have to put an insert in the master bus that raises the level 14db.

Is this normal? Most discussions seem to be concerned with levels too loud, not too soft.

Also, is there a better way to raise the level? I have a compressor in the master bus and I’m using its output amplification to raise the final level.

Normally I use a limiter to raise the output level. Set the ceiling to -1 dB then turn down the threshold till Im getting the LUFTS I want. I think 14 LUFTS is still too low. The last release I did for a guy was -14 and it was way quieter than other stuff on YouTube

Usually compression then limiting on the master pre fade insert. Master out fader I leave at 0dB or unity level

That’s useful information, thanks for the response.