Mastering problem

Hi, I’m trying to master in Cubase artist 7 but just realised only one speaker is working yet the original mix has both speakers working fine. What is it do you think that prevents both speakers in the mastering stage?


Do you mean, the exported file is Mono? Make sure, you didn’t enable Mono Downmix, Split Channels or L/R Channels in the Export Audio Mixdown window, please.

Thanks, they were ticked automatically as I recall. I’ll try unticking them tonight, see what happens.


They are unticked by default.

Hi, tried that. Still only getting sound out of one of the speakers.
Any other suggestions?


Can you import the exported file back to Cubase (there is also this option directly in the Export Audiomixdown window), and see the signal, please?

I’m not sure exactly what you mean but here goes:
I’ve left unticked on the export audio mix down
Insert broadcast wave chunk
Don’t use wave chunk
Insert ixml check

In addition everything is unchecked on the bottom part
Real time export, mono down mix, split channels, left right channels
Pool, audio track
Deactivate external midi, close window after export, update display …
All unticked.
Now, when I go to mastering, I choose stereo mastering option, click activate but I do get missing ports message relating to high definition microphones in mapped in and in, but as these are microphones but I can assign these. Then I get vst dynamics stereo out automatically box and stereo out ins. Stereo enhancer automatically which I can change.
I import and get import options which comes up with sample size, split channels automatically. I uncheck this but it is still only one speaker.

Thanks Phil


My idea was to check Pool and Audio Tracks in the Audio Export Mixdown window. Thanks to this, the exported signal will be imported back to the project, and you can visualy check, if there are both channels exported.

What do you mean by “When I go to Mastering”? Maybe some screenshots would help.

Thanks, all working now.