MasterSection - mono plugins


I’ve noticed some problem with loading MasterSection plugins from saved list. I have two MasterSection saved list - one for mono voice-over files (with some “mono” plugins, eg. mono deesser) and one for stereo audiobook final files (with no “mono” plugins).
The problem is if I work on stereo file and close it, I can’t load “voice-ocer” Master section list (error message: one of plugin is “mono” and doesn’t fit to stereo file). Even if I have no file open. I have to restart WaveLab to “clear stereo memory” :wink:

Does anybody know how to avoid restarting WaveLab?

Version: WaveLab Elements 10, last update: 10.0.10

Try this:

  • Open a mono file
  • call this function
  • load your preset

Hm… Thanks, it works, but… sometimes not :wink: e.g. I have “stereo configuration” in Master Section and opened stereo file. I’m closing stereo file (no files opened) and trying to load “mono configuration” - error. I’m using your work-around and sometimes it’s ok - I can load “mono configuration”, but sometimes I get error message again. I think the crucial thing is opening mono file before calling “Rearrange” and loading preset, but two times I had to close WaveLab anyway :confused:

Yes, “arrange” means looking at the active file to prepare the master section accordingly.

Ok, thank you for your help, Philippe!

I think this thread can be closed :slight_smile: