WLE11 - Error with mono plugins after restart of WLE11

I’m loading a short mono file into WLE11 (b.24). None of other files are loaded. My MasterSection is empty, so I’m setting Waves NS-1 plugin into the first slot (plugin doesn’t matter, important thing is it should be “mono” plugin). Ok, I’m closing WE11 and opening it again (restart). I got a message:
There are two problems: this message window is SystemModal, so it is above of all open windows. Second - I’ve changed anything - this is the same mono file and mono plugin. Why am I getting this message and “mono” plugin is removing from MasterSection?
WaveLab 9, 9.5 and 10 had a strange behaviour with stereo/mono file loading (described here), perhaps this behaviour is connected with new “mono plugin error”?

I did exactly what you said, mono file and Waves NS 1, but have no problem.

Every time the same behaviour: video example

Thanks for your video. I have mimic it exactly and still can’t produce the issue.
Maybe the Waves version is not the same. I have version 11

This is a good idea, I use 12…

Indeed, only Waves mono plugins have problems. I’ve checked FabFilter C2, DS and G - work fine.

Ok, I have now Waves v.13. Two strange behaviours:

  • close all files and open a stereo file
  • remove all plugins from MasterSection
  • close stereo file
  • add to MasterSection mono plugin (eg. Waves NS-1 Mono) - this message will appear:
  • this message is SystemModal, so you can switch to e.g. web browser, but this message will be on the top


  • same situation like above, but instead of adding mono Waves plugin, open mono file
  • now add Waves NS-1 (or other mono Waves plugin) to the MasterSection (with success!)
  • close the mono file (no files should be opened)
  • restart WaveLab - the same message will appear and Waves plugin won’t be restored

This happend for v.12 and v.13 Waves plugin every time. Tested on WaveLab Elements 11.0.10 b.51.

Most plugins handle mono and stereo. For some reasons I ignore, some plugins are provided either as mono or stereo.
Now, the Master Section is configured to mono or stereo (or more channels), according to the last file it has played. You can see this configuration as the number of faders/meters it displays.
Therefore, if you need to insert a plugin that is right about channels, you must first set the Master Section with the correct number of channels.

Yes and no :wink: I see no possibility to “set” MasterSection with the correct number of channels without opening any file.

Otherwise, if you use mono files and have the MasterSection with “mono” plugins, try to close these files and restart WaveLab. “By default” WaveLab uses stereo mode and removes all “mono” plugins from the MasterSection, so it does not store MasterSection configuration between running sessions and I think this is the main problem with restoring the content of the MasterSection after restart.

And still, the message dialog is SystemModal, which is annoying :wink:

Yes, this is the way to go, because the input file decides the number of Master Section inputs.
You could also select a recording bus, instead of a file.