Mastersection not working

Hey there,

For a project I have set up a Master-Chain and saved it as preset.
Most of the time the chain won`t work when i load it. :open_mouth:

The plugins show up and they are responsive (I can move sliders, push buttons etc.) but there seems
to be no signal going through the Plugins ALTHOUGH I do hear the output signal
I don`t see any movement on the plugins on the VU-Meter i.e. UAD Fairchild.

Same problem with the other preset chains if I load themā€¦
This is very strangeā€¦

Can anyone helpā€¦PG?
I am on WL 7.2.1 Build 600 32/64 Bit

Are you sure the montage is set to go through the master channel? Thereā€™s this little icon bottom right.