mastersection on 2nd monitor problem

i use two monitors. the right one is a 18’’ (1280x1024) and the left one is a smaller, old eizo f56, 17’’ (1024x768).
the main windows of wl7 would be displayed on the right one and the left i use just for the mastersection and it’s effects.
problem is, that every first time i use an effectslot to load a section with lots of items not all gets displayed.
it looks like the attached pic1.
there is a lot free space at the bottom of the popupmenue - every item is shoved to the top with the result that many of these items are not shown.
then i click on some free space somewhere and the popup menue disappears.
trying to load the same effects for the 2nd time, now all items are properly displayed, as it should be.
see pic2.

I can confirm exactly the same behaviour on my dual-monitor system.

Also with monitors of different sizes? What sizes?

My primary left monitor (showing waves) is 21" running resolution 1600x1200, my secondary right monitor (showing Master section and other tools in Control Window) is 19" running. 1280x1024

this describes the problem a bit more…
i copied a folder with many presets to the default location - c:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab 7\Presets\Master Section\2004(pic3-1).
then there is no faulty-1st-open display and ok-2nd. everytime i open the folder in order to choose one of the presets it looks this way (pic3).
having placed the mastersection on my 1st (right) monitor, opening the presets popup show all available items (pic4)

I have a very similar arrangement to Johnny B and experience this issue also. The worst part of it is that the Save and Save As options are inaccessible, as they’re off the top of the screen!

I have to drag the master section onto the primary left monitor in order to access these buttons, and any plug-ins that are similarly obscured.


Having screen of different size is only ok if the height are the same, else this kind of hiding situation can occur.

Concerning the menu issue, I have changed it in next version (menu is rebuilt if displayed on a new screen).

Brilliant, many thanks Philippe!

This issue is NOT fixed in version 7.1

will there be a fix for this?

Yes, done.