Match all midi notes to chord track progression

Hey everyone

Is there an easy way to match all midi notes in a part to a chord progression in the chord track?

Currently when I select all the midi notes in a part and use the “Match with Chord Track” function, all the midi notes just snap to the first chord in the progression.

As a workaround, I’ve been selecting all the notes within the range of one chord, matching those with the chord track, and repeating the process for every chord change in the progression

Thanks in advance!

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Select the source MIDI/Instrument track. In the Inspector open the Chord tab. Set the Follow Chord Track to Chords and Scale.

Hmm, I tried this but it appears to be working incorrectly.

I have basic chords on downbeats of measures and arpeggios of those chords throughout, however, when setting “Follow Chord Track” to ‘Chords and Scales’ and selecting ‘Synchronize Track Data - Analyze Chords’, some notes that are correct get moved to seemingly random notes that are incorrect. Any thought on why it might be doing this and how to fix it?


Could you provide an example, please?

Sure, for instance, you can see in the screenshots these notes were correct before applying ‘Follow Chord Track’, but once applied, the notes got displaced to incorrect notes (i.e. the E in the Fm chord. It also moved the F in the Fm chord to a different note for some reason).


Oh, set it to follow the Chords, not the Chords and Scale, please.

Hi Martin, sorry I left this thread hanging. I just had a breakthrough today:

It is the “Quantize Pitches” function I was looking for this whole time, not the “Match With Chord Track” function

“Quantize Pitches” snaps the selected notes to whatever chord they fall under.
“Match With Chord Track” snaps the selected notes to whatever chord the first selected note falls under.

It should also be noted that “Use Chord Track” has to be selected under 'Scale Assistant" and Chord Track Mode has to be set to “Chords”

Hope this helps someone out there!


It does indeed help. I just wish you could spin out the harmony parts (say 4 at once) from a single MIDI part in the same way you can do it with audio parts. Must be the same algorithms applied…