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Years back, in ancient versions of Cubase there was a wonderful feature called match quantize where you could drag one track on top of another to get the quantize lined up. Is there an easy way to do something like that in Cubase 8.5? I have one track that I’d like to match the accents and timings of in another track.


(I know what you mean… I’ve just been using my brand new microwave oven, and bemoaning the fact that I much preferred the one it has replaced :wink: )…
(I presume you are talking about MIDI here?)
Select your "source " MIDI clip, then Edit menu>Advanced Quantize>“Create Groove Quantize Preset”. It will now appear in the Quantize Presets drop-down. Open the Quantize panel (or, if you are inside a MIDI Editor, open the Quantize tab in the Inspector), where you can now set the “percentage” of the Groove Quantize to apply, independently, to Position, Velocity, Length, and Non-Q.

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Open Quantize Panel and drag-and-drop the MIDI/Audio pattern, you want to use as a source, to the Quantize grid of the Quantize Panel. Then you can Store this as your preset and Quantize by using this pattern.

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Well, if we de-quantize, we could see how many millisecondes there were between us :wink:.
In fact, I’d forgotten about the drag ‘n’ drop function, so, many thanks for that :wink:.

wow, I either killed a brain cell that had that info, or I never did know you could do the drag-n-drop Groove Quantize. THANKS!!! I just used it for real. Super sweet.

Very cool. Thanks y’all.

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