Match Tempo of Audio Files with Project Tempo

First I’m sorry if this was discussed before but I still can’t figure out how to make an audio file imported into the project that would have a 125 bpm for example to match the bpm of the project that is 120.
It doesn’t fit exactly on the bars and beats ruler.

I know that I have to turn on musical mode but then what ? Set the bpm of the audio file in the editor window of that audio file, stretch to project tempo or to manually warp the audio file ?


Hi and welcome,

Once you enable the Musical Mode, the Audio file becomes stretched. So you don’t have to do any other step. It should be done automatically.

You need to make sure the correct origin tempo for the clip is entered in the pool. Then the file should adapt to the project tempo automatically when in musical mode.

Hi and Thanks,
Cubase tell’s me that the bpm of a file is for example is 122 and the project tempo is 120. In the pool the bpm of the audio file is 122 so I think that is correct.
After I select the musical mode for the file from the editor, it warps it and changes the bpm but if I play it with the click it doesn’t follow the click and still doesn’t match the down beat with the bar and beats ruler.

If you know the file is 125 bpm then 122 bpm indicated by Cubase are wrong, and you manually need to set it to 120 bpm. That 122 bpm is obviously wrong is easily recognizable by the fact that the audio doesnˋ t fit the tempo. I personally would not rely on Cubase ´s automatic tempo recognition too much.

Yes , that is the problem!
I need to say that I don’t use this for music production but for radio production. I analyze the file before importing in cubase and set the tempo project according to the tempo of the analyzed file.

Thanks again

Sorry, that´s obviously wrong!
You have to manually set it to 125 bpm