Match Title of full score with title of transposed score?

I enter the title on the full score, but on the transposed score it still shows “Untitled” and I cant click on it to edit. How can I title the transposed score? Thanks!

Don’t overwrite the tokens in the first place. Project Info is the place to put this information - Cmd/Ctrl-I. By default the title tokens at the top fo the pages are {@projectTitle@} so it’s the “Project” section of Project Info that you need to edit.

I guess you’re not entering this information in the Information window (cmd/ctrl-i)? If you double-click the full score to edit manually those fields, you’re creating an override and not taking any advantage of the auto-fill with the tokens…

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And if they’re using Elements or SE, they’re in a tough spot, as overrides can’t be removed.

Cool that was the trick! thanks!