Matching audio track tempo to another and set project tempo

Hello, I have a live recording which I have imported. As an amateur group the tempo is not exact and varies here and there. I am the drummer (oops) and could record another audio track by tapping on the snare in time with the original. I would like to then use the “hit points” of the new track to correct the original and then set the tempo of the project so that bars coincide with the audio. I have searched the help and forum but cannot find how to do it. The original waveform is not clear enough to mark the beats and the auto detect and music mode makes the speed fluctuate all over the place.
Thanks, Peter

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You could use tempo detect which will create a tempo track with the tempo information of the track you want to use as the main tempo source. Then get the second track to follow it , meaning it will align its track with the newly created tempo track. Google cubase tempo track detection in YouTube and a short video will come up fulllijf in any blanks.

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Thanks, Luke, I now have the metronome in time with the varying audio. Can I now make the metronome regular (tempo is constantly adjusting to match the track now) and adjust the audio to match? I suppose this is to quantize the tempo track and have the audio follow it but I don’t know how.

Funnily enough I searched for the exact same thing a week ago and couldn’t find anything.
Hopefully someone can jump in. Or maybe start a new thread based around your last question

I think maybe I may be over complicating what I want to do. So far I have made the tempo match the audio. This is good if you want to fit the bars to midi etc. I wanted the music tempo corrected so I think the thing to do is start again and go into the audio editor and click on Musical mode. The important thing is to use a sensible tempo which is close to the audio. I will have a go soon. The following was from help:

Musical Mode

The Musical Mode allows you to tempo-match audio loops to the project tempo.

If you activate Musical Mode for an audio clip, realtime time stretching is applied to the clip so that it matches the project tempo. The audio events adapt to any tempo changes in Cubase, just like MIDI events.

No! It’s not that simple. Musical mode allows the tempo of a piece with regular tempo to be matched but does not seem to work with a piece with wandering tempo to be matched. As I see it I need to take the beats of the original music and spread them out to match the metronome. So I return to my original question - how to use the snare track to correct the music track. Once that is done the tempo can be stretched or shrunk at will.

There’s a way to warp quantize selected tracks at once using one track as a reference, all the rest follows, used mainly for live drum recordings.

Here’s a couple of Greg Ondo videos on the topic

Thank you. That sorted it. No need for the snare track. Create a tempo track from the origina