Matching EQ in Cubase Pro


Is it possible to match EQ curves within Cubase? I would like to take the average EQ of 2 existing tracks, and then apply the “difference”. I know there are some plugins such as iZotope’s Ozone that have this feature. Is there an efficient way to pull this off within Cubase Pro?

Fabfilter Q3 is great.

Cubase has included Curve EQ from Voxengo, that should do the job.

I recently used this capability in Curve EQ for the first time and it worked great. I had a bit of vocal for an intro that was recorded separate from the main vocals different mics, different room acoustics, etc. After matching intro EQ to the main vocal they still sound a bit different (which is fine) but they sound like they can co-exist next to each other now.

Curve EQ worked great. Thanks!