Matching Temp to Existing Recording

As an exercise to build a new orchestral template I want to mock-up Anakin’s Theme. I put a recording of Anakin’s Theme on it’s own Audio track for reference. What I’d like to do is create a tempo structure that matches the acceleration/deceleration of the Audio track so that my metronome down- and sub-beats are always in time with the original.

I’ve read the manual about the time warp tool and tempo detection, but I’m still confused. I’ve seen a couple of youtube videos. Is there a definitive way to do what I’m trying to do? Or any tips?


Warp the grid.

Select the audio event, and choose Project > Tempo Detection in the menu of Cubase. Analyze the tempo. This will create tempo map of the audio file, for you.

Thanks, I’ll try those suggestions tonight.

Appreciate the help.