"Materials - Metal & Ice" - for Dorico 4?

With a classical background, I’m OK with notation programs, but definitely not with sequencers and DAWs (are they the same thing?). But I do use playback for demos for clients, and up to now NotePerformer has been ideal for my requirements. However, the percussion instruments in it don’t include some sounds that I now find I need, and neither does Iconica Sections & Players, the evaluation version of which I recently downloaded. I’ve now discovered Materials - Metal and Ice from Steinberg (Materials – Metal & Ice | Steinberg | Steinberg), which a) has just the kind of sounds I’m looking for, b) will work, I see, with HSSE 3, and c) is currently being sold at a discount.
Could I just confirm two things ? 1. that it will it work with Dorico 4 (apologies if this is a rolling-eyes-inducing question, but I really am that clueless in this field, though I have - thanks to one of Anthony Hughes’s wonderful videos - successfully used sounds from a library called Indian Drum Basics which I inexplicably seem to have on my machine); 2. that I don’t need particular expertise with DAWs/sequencers to use it, as it does appear to have presets ready to go.

I don’t see why it shouldn’t work… It’s a patch in HALion.

If you want to use unpitched percussion instruments in this collection, someone will have to create a percussion map so that Dorico can associate these instruments with the MIDI note values needed to produce the correct sounds.

Ah - that’s a skillset that I will need to master, then. What I did with the Indian Drum Basics sound was to add a random percussion instrument from the picker in Setup, assign it to the random percussion instrument in Play, and then change the instrument’s name in Write to match. But creating percussion maps is a topic I shall need to read up on.