Math and space [epic electro]

track 3 from look at the universe

Synths: Korg legacy analogue edition, Prologue, retro logue
bas: Korg polysix analogue edition
drums: samples through Groove agent
Strings:: Halion 4
Voice: taken from interview with Steven Hawking

Any comments are welcome!

It’s an in between piece so it’s not a song in particular.

Greetz Dylan.

Nice piece. I liked the transitions at 2, and 3:40 min

It’s really working for me, kept my attention from beginning to end. This project is shaping up nicely! Two for two!

very orchestral and big…good stuff, I think the odd bit of reverb hear and there would help to give it ‘more space’, cheers, Kevin

nice work…

I think the odd bit of reverb hear and there would help to give it ‘more space’

hear and there? You mean on occasions or on some instruments?
Because space is what I am after!

Greetz Dylan.

That people listen from start to end is rewarding, but keeping someone’s attention is really great!

Thanks for the words Early, I had to google the two for two though, didn’t know that expression.

Greetz Dylan.

I just mean in the odd area where there is some space after an instrument…some reverb on the end of it would be ok I reckon, cheers, Kevin

hey dylan, soundin good, the strings are a cool contrast to the sequence. I like that one chorusey synth sound. I was wondering if the kick could evolve some as the song progresses, like maybe for the last section or 2, start to open it up with a bit more rounded or fatter thump just to add some interest there.

All I used is one sample of a kick synthesizer with on top an envelopeshaper so there is indeed not much thump,
I will put an extra sample on it and listen if that does something…

The chorus synth? You mean the one that gradually slides down? I think that is a retrolgue preset wich I later on treated with the SX stepfilter.

Great mix and great writing! I also enjoyed from start to end and never lost interest

You’re on a roll! An interesting piece, for sure. The mix sounds great - tight and punchy.

The tight and punchy is (I think) because of the envelope shaper.
Instead of using 3 layered kicks through a compressor, eq and sidechain it to an output compressor
I used just one kick with an envelope shaper (the cubase one) and that did it all :slight_smile:
I also used the envelope shaper on the basline. (wow)

I was stunned hearing the results I got, never thought that that plugin could create such impact.

Greetz Dylan.

Really good stuff, Dylan!
I think this is going to turn into another great epic project :sunglasses:

Mix is sounding great here, but Im thinking…oooow, I wonder what them strings would sound like
run through tape, or a virtual tape machine plugin, just to warm/soften them a snippet.
Im tempted to get Steven Slates VTM in the next couple of days.
If I do, and you want to hear what it would sound like out of interest, id be happy to run those
tracks throught it :wink: (if you dont have a tape plugin that is! :blush: )
Either way, fantastic job, keep it up!

That would be awesome!
Let me know if you have it, btw, mastering with a tapmachine means you can ‘shave off’ 6 dB of dynamics without nasty artifacts. I wonder if the digital ones mimic this tape compression.
I have my current masters on an average of RMS-12, I would like to get it on -9 dB or even -6 dB so could you also throw the whole mix through it? Nice experiment!!

hey dylan, stopped in to listen again. I really like how you open this track, subtle note adds in the sequence and then bringing in the echo, little moves like that really add interest. actually a quite exciting tune.
was cleaning out an area of the studio I haven’t bothered with in years and found my wavestation manual, yay! printed in 1989 by stanley jungleib. so many things its imposible to remember, midi controlling modulations and time scaling wave sequences, I’ll be up late tonight, lol.

Will do!
The guys who are using the real deal can’t tell the difference between the real tape machines
and this plug, are they just saying that as a sales thing?! Who cares, I’m sold! :smiley:
(I blame Jet, he’s turned me into a tape junkie! :laughing: )
I know a few people who have got it and love it.
So yeah, I reckon this VTM should do what you want

Yeah, why not! It’s good to experiment! :smiley:
I find its the best way to learn


Will do and if it turns out great you may master the whole project…uhm how many bottles of wine will that be :smiley:

lol, I don’t drink! So, as we brits say…it’s on the house! :laughing:

you don’t drink?! What are you doing on this Forum then :open_mouth: