Matt and glossy screens...together?

Looking to possibly buy a 27 in iMac and hook it up to my 2 22in matt screens to have 3 monitors. The iMac is glossy and I’m wondering if anyone is mixing glossy and matt screens in their studio? I’m concerned about the possible eye strain switching from one monitor to the other over long working periods.

No one mixing screen types?

Allrighty then lol is this Mic on…tap…tap…

Ok, I’ll bite

Would it not only show when the screens are off?

I had read that some used get fatigued using glossy screens. Not sure if adding the Matt screens would be hard on the eyes switching back and forth. Surely some one is trying this.

I use a laptop with a 17.3" glossy screen and a 21.5" matte screen on the side. As Split hints at, it doesn’t matter a lot when the screens are switched on, provided that no direct light shines on the glossy one. Of course I can see that the glossy one is glossy if I stop and think about it, but in the heat of the battle I don’t really notice. In an ideal world I’d prefer two matte screens, but it’s not enough to make me ditch the glossy screen laptop - the glossy screen actually looks best BTW, it’s just that it has the reflections.

There are anti-glare films on the market, if the glossy screen is bothersome. Or one can treat the glossy screen with some steel-wool (no, no, JK :stuck_out_tongue:).

On a sidenote, I found the colour discrepancies between the two monitors to be more of a nuisance, but I forget that too when I get going.


Thanks all! I went for the 27" mac and added the two 22" mats all good!