Maudio M-Track 2X2m no audio inputs.

Maudio M-Track 2X2m no audio inputs.

The output is ok, the midi recording is ok, the input channels on the unit light up showing there is a signal coming in, but there is no audio input in Cubase, the input meters in Cubase do not light up.
In studio setup the maudio input channels are showing as inactive.
The outputs are showing that they are active.

Please I am a bit of a newbe, so any help and advice would be appreciated.

Cubase 10 Pro 64bit, Windows 10, Maudio M-track 2X2m.

  1. Create Audio Track
  2. Pull down fader to level around -10 or so (protect the monitor speakers).
  3. Select “Monitor” – right next to record button for the track.

You should hear whatever is being sent to that track – mic., guitar, keys.

After recording, turn off the input monitor to hear the recorded track.

Hi, thanks for the reply, but I have tried all of this with no luck, there just is no input coming into the computer.

I’ts all right I figured it out

I’m having the same issue, Selected my interface in Device set up, set up to mono inputs under VST connections, plugged my guitar into input 1 on my interace, selected Mono 1 on that channel and I’m still not getting any input signal. How did you fix this?