Mavericks/Dual Screen Device Issues

Hi all, as far as I can tell this question has been asked a couple of times in this forum without any definitive solution so I thought i’d bump it again.

I’m running Cubase 7.5 on a dual screen setup with Mavericks and I have a problem with viewing any device windows (VST Instrument Rack / Mix Console etc.) triggered with the function keys. Upon triggering a new device (e.g. hitting F11 to bring up Instrument Rack or Command-M) the Project Window deactivates but the new window isn’t visible.

The only way to bring them up is by activating the Windows dialogue box (from the Windows drop-down menu).

Mission Control has been set as per Steinberg’s instructions (“Displays have separate Spaces” is unchecked) and i’ve tried unchecking the bottom three boxes in Mission Control as well with no success.

Any ideas?