Maverics 10.9.5 - WL9 ?

Is anyone using WL9 on 10.9.5 Maverics on mac?
On the requirements it mentions 10.10

I used it for a basic recording in the Audio File Workspace (no editing) today.

I would just do it like Justin mentioned (I usually do) but It’s getting complicated and time consuming with Apple’s change of systems. I have 2 bootable external HDs (plus the built in ones) with different OS X systems for different softwares DAWs/computers which I still need to finish some old projects. I also run WL9 on Win10 which resulted very stable and most old software,plugs,drivers,video cards,etc, just work. Its also working fine in 10.10 Yosemite. El Captain?, no way… at least not now. I’d have to throw away a perfectly working Apogee Duet (silver) which I use at home to monitor and record personal stuff. It will no longer be supported in El Captain and above… 10.9.5 is for ProTools10 HD which I don’t plan to upgrade for now, which would also requiere practically throwing away my PCIe HD2 cards if I wanted to go to PTv12…and so on.
I will eventually upgrade everything to 64 bits, systems and hardware. It must be very hard for PG and other developers to keep up with all the changes apple is doing. Man, even the “notes application” wants me to upgrade to El Captain to be compatible with the new functions 0_o. I’ll just use Evernote across all systems…
And now…Presenting… OS X 11…It’s amazing, 128 bits !..oh no…