Max level is limited on -6dB in OBS/Audacity

Hi, I have very annoying problem: I’m using Steinberg UR22 mkII sound card and in some apps the max level is locked on -6dB (for instance in Audacity or OBS), but in Adobe Audition is level hitting 0dB without any problem.
On sound card I can see that the input is peaking, same in Audition, but in OBS or Audacity I’m hitting only -6dB. It looks like hard limiter, but there are no effects attached. Same issue on both channels. Can I please you for some help?

More info:
Windows 10 Edu 20H2 64bit
Steinberg UR22 mkII, firmware 1.04, drivers 2.0.4, mode Standard, buffer 128, rate 48 kHz
OBS 26.1.1, Audacity 3.0.0, Adobe Audition