Max Reference Level for Integrated LUFS in SuperVision is -13?

Hey gang, I noticed when configuring the loudness metering in SuperVision that the highest you can set the reference level for the integrated LUFS is -13. Now, most streaming services turn down to -14, so you might say that’s fine, but in reality I think most tracks in a lot of genres these days are still mastered to around -7 or -8 ish.

Would it be possible to get the max reference level capped at maybe 0 so we can set the clipping meter at any value?

(Or am I mixing something up or missing something?)

If everything goes well, we will be adding a new +23 scale (-70 to +0) in addition to the current +9 and +18 scales in the next update 12.0.30. I hope this will help :slight_smile:

Edit: The Reference Integrated Parameter will get a more flexible range in a future update (after the .30)