Maximise the project window on dual monitor set up

Basic question - how do yo maximise the project window when you have a dual monitor set up.

It only seems to maximise to a single monitor? What am I missing?? :blush:

you should be able to grab the side of the window and drag it to where you want it… :slight_smile:

Unless Cubase provides that facility separate from the OS, you will have to either:
a) Use a Cubase workspace to save the manual dimensioning.
b) If you have an AMD card, you can use Eye-finity to specify a virtual screen out of two or more monitors.
c) Use a third-party program that does that sort of function.

cheers guys, I normally stretch my project window across 2 monitors and have a workspace to bring up the mixer in the lower half of both screens. I always have this weird floating bar thing at the top of monitor 1. Its annoying because each window now has a border meaning I lose screen real estate. :confused:

I hate this also !!

Agree as aboe.

I really wish we had an option to go back as it was. I see no need for docking or for for having changed the way windows behave.