Maximum advisable length for USB-MIDI cable?

Hi - I’ve got my keyboard hooked up to the computer via a USB-MIDI cable. I have the opportunity to record in the next room (better room sound for audio, and also away from the computer), but I don’t know if there would be any problems with the USB-MIDI being too long … signal degradation or glitches or something.

Thanks for any thoughts!

if I remember correctly, 6 m. is the advised maximum for both USB and Midi cables.

Thanks, Strophoid. I’ve read that, and also 50 ft, and also that it depends on the “quality” of the MIDI cable, and also that infinite chaining is OK, on so many google-referenced sites. But who is it giving these answers?

At least here I can judge the quality of the posters … so thank you for that, uber-quality poster!

The time it takes a signal to propagate through a 20 foot bit of wire is (very roughly) 20 nanoseconds, I doubt you would notice that :laughing:

If you are standing 20 foot away from the amp then the sound will take roughly 20ms to get from the amp to ear. You may well notice that.

When chaining midi cables together, each “join” is buffered hence each length of cable can be considered independent.

Whatever your problem with “latency” is, it’s nothing to do with the length of cables you use. Signals travel, as stated, at roughly about 1 nanosecond per foot. That’s almost the speed of light!!!

I’ve used CAT5 cable to run long MIDI signals with success.

Hello, and hello. Thank you both for answers.
Split - did you use any connectors for your long CAT5 usb-midi runs?

I used 5 pin DIN to 5 pin DIN.

CAT5 is not that small, MIDI only uses 3 wires, 2 signal and one ground. You have 4 twisted pairs in a CAT 5 cable, take your pick. For more robust solution use shielded CAT5

Standard 5 pin DIN connectors have a cable grip (well good ones do).

Basically I had a reel of the stuff lying about and needed a very long midi cable. It worked well.

OK - no one else with knowledge of or using longer lengths of USB-MIDI? Thanks -

This is the midi cord I made. You can use any xlr mic cable. I have run 60’ through a combo of snake to mic cord to the adapters I built.

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