Maximum bus outputs ? Maximum tracks ?

Whats the maximum number of bus outputs I can have in Nuendo (4,5,6) ie if I keep adding 10.2 busses (thats 12 each) how many discrete outputs can I get. I ask because I may soon have access to a 384 channel "soundcard "
Also whats the maximum number of tracks I can run simultaneously ?

Don’t know of any limitation, except the performance of the host hardware.


Could you find out for sure ? I have a client who may invest in the software if thats the case but obviously I need to be 100 percent certain - otherwise he loses money and I lose a client - is there a reference to a spec sheet with this information for example…?

The number of tracks you can create in Cubendo is limited only by your CPU and hardware capabilities (unless you are using one of the cut-down versions of Cubase in which case there will be some limitations).
I am not aware of any limitation on output busses either, apart from what is practical for your setup and again the main limitation will be what your CPU & hardware can handle.

What are your client’s main concerns please? How many tracks does he need - I have used well over 200 with no issues and the real world upper end is uncertain.

Sounds like a question you need to ask the Manufacturer’s Technical department.