Maximum length for recorded track on Cubasis?


This is my first post…

I’ve purchased the iRig HD so I can run a line out of a mixing desk and record, on a single track, an entire live performance.

The performance will go for around 2 hours.

I tried this with GarageBand, which stopped recording after 320 bars!!

Is there a time/bar limit on what I can record, in a single take, on a single track with Cubasis?

I’m hoping the only limitation is determined by how much space I have on the hard drive of the iPad?

If I can achieve this, I’ll but it immediately.

Thank you -


Hi TF,

the maximum length for recordings in Cubasis depends on the available space of your iPad device.



I know I’m very late to this conversation but is there a chart or similar showing how much space audio recording takes using Cubasis 2 or 3 on an iPad? For instance approximate space used for a 30 minute recording with 6 channels?

Hi @Makka,

Thanks for your message.

I suggest to browse the web for an audio file size calculator, to find out more and to roughly calculate the space required.

Hope that helps!


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