Maximum plugin delay compensation


I read that Wavelab compensates automatically the plugin processing delay… but until which value ?
And is it the case between Clips ? Tracks ? Groups ? combination of clip+group ?
This is important in stem mastering.
Thank tyou.

Normally there is no limit. But obviously, this feature is never tested for something like 10 sec.

All is compensated as if there was “no” latency". That is, as you arrange clips, there should be no playback offset.
This of course relies on the assumption that plugins report the right values to WaveLab (some plugins sometimes don’t).

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Thank you PG.
I guess the delay of a plug-in « seen » by WL is the value displayed next to it.
What if there is no value ? Is it because there is a too small delay, or because this is a case where the plug-in doesn’t report its delay value ?

Some plugins have no latency, fortunately.

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