May 2024 Crossgrade from Cubase 13 to Nuendo 13 will I keep my Cubase license?

Dear All
planning to crossgrade from Cubase 13 to Nuendo 13. Will I be able to do sofor the current price of 449 USD and keep my Cubase 13 license (use both Cubase and Nuendo parallel)?
Please advise
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Yes, under the new licensing system, your original Cubase license will be kept.

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Thank you Valsolim
But is this still valid and also for 13th versions? Can’t find any official word from Steinberg on this - you just can buy the crossgrade - but nothing about the consequences… very scary…

Definitely yes, version 13 uses the same licensing system. Your Cubase license will stay upgradeable for future versions of Cubase. The only limitation is that the crossgrade to Nuendo can be done just once.

The official word from a Steinberg employee is here, although it also mentions version 12:

Thank you again- what does this mean exactly - I have to pay full Nuendo and Cubase upgrade cost if say 14/15 versions come out?
That would be OK just want to get started with Nuendo without investing too much…

Yes, you will pay just the standard upgrade price for both products. However, if you wish to use Cubase 14 in the future, you will have to buy the upgrade from Cubase 13 to 14 separately. Nuendo upgrade (13->14) will not upgrade your Cubase license.

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Yes that’s OK - purchased the crossgrade just now - let’s hope for the best :slight_smile:
Thanks again for your fast reply and have a great day!

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