May I suggest two things

Many thanks to all the team for this new release of Dorico. If it is possible I would like to dream with the following features:

  1. Is it possible to reduce the composition menu in order to display less menu items and fit in a Full HD screen?. For example, all the menu options with create can be clasified under a submenu Create, and in that way it will fit in the screeen.

  1. It would be possible to support a remote control surface such as the Mackie Control or, better yet, the Behringer X-Touch One. For me it is the perfect complement while composing with Sibelius and I miss it on Dorico.

This is an example of how the menu could fit once it will be reorganized:

We need to think about this, but I agree that on the whole several of our menus are very long. In Dorico 4 we moved a bunch of items from the main Edit menu into a Notations submenu, so it may well be time to do something similar with the Write menu.

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I’m fine with every solution you will come up with - as long as it’s not a Ribbon :wink:


Support for control surface would be awesome, I use Avid dock with Luna and Logic Pro, and since Dorico is becoming my main production platform… this is becoming a bit of an issue !

Fantastic Release BTW !!!

Many thanks Daniel!