Maybe a stupid question, but is this behavior normal?

Hey guys

When I press play in the middle of an audio file I hear a crackle at the start. I hear the same when I press stop. I can hear it the most with sounds that have only a few harmonics like triangle or a pure sine wave.

Doesn’t Cubase have an auto fade in and out for playback? The auto fade in & out function for cuts doesn’t help. When I export a pure sine and listen to it with different players, there is no crackle when I pause the playback.

I’m not sure if this is normal or not. I just recognized it and it seems so loud to me. I can’t believe this was there the whole time.
I tried it with no plugins in an empty project and it doesn’t help.


Not normal…audio drivers?

I thought so. All of a sudden it was here and popped into my ears. My system worked just fine for a long time. Strange

I have the Komplete Audio 6 from NI. But the problem also occurs with the on board sound card and the asio driver.

Actually…I just rendered some sine wave to audio to check and I do get a pop/click at start and stop in this case.
It’s just not something I’ve ever noticed in normal use.

I did the same as Grim and also get small clicks. I have never noticed it before either, but you could put a gate or expander in the monitor chain, which could catch the starting clicks if not the stops.

I’m probably not using the correct technical expressions, but I think it’s just the sudden voltage rise, essentially DC as the audio will not start at a zero voltage cross over point.

Okey thanks guys. So this seems to be normal. Strange I never noticed that.