Maybe Steinberg only have one server... ;-)

Perhaps they still run on the same server they had for Pro24, with a 386 CPU, and a 40MB drive.

Maybe it’s all of us moaning on the forum just now which is bringing the server to it’s knees, and it can’t cope with the CB11 downloads, forums, and licensing at the same time… not to mention their word processing and financial spreadsheets?

So it’s all our fault… :wink:

I’ve not upgraded to v11, just as well considering the issues at present, but I did to 10.5 when it came out and I don’t recall the issue being this bad!
Maybe a lesson learnt for Steinberg and not to be repeated again (we can hope at least), not sure of their setup, but would think cloud computing and increase the server count to deal with an influx of downloads/requests with a new release for next year!