Maybe we should be reading this...

…hold on to that “recession proof” guitar… :smiley:

Greg DiBenedetto is a friend of mine, and an outstanding guitarist I was in a band with, and who played on a few tunes from my first cd.
He really did well with Guitar World, starting out as associate publisher in charge of advertising, then becoming
sole publisher. He was able to cherry pick his assignments, and would be the one to fly to London to
hang out with and interview Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck and some of his other faves. When he did my sessions it was right after his Page interview, and he showed me and my engineer how Jimmy showed him the tunings he invented for ‘The Rain Song’, so Greg tuned his guitar that way and played the song for us - and it was really something to see. It sounded perfect, and it was a thrill to get the inside info on how some of Zep’s music
was conceived. He gave him other inside info, such as “Most people play Whole Lotta Love like this…but -this- was how I actually played it…” and Greg wold demonstrate, and sure enough, these subtle distinctions made all the difference.
I couldn’t decide which was the best part of those sessions, Greg’s playing on my songs(which was inspired),
or the little glimpse into Jimmy Page’s bag of tricks. :slight_smile:

I did hear that he was starting this new magazine, but wasn’t aware that it was aimed at such a high end demographic.
Thanks for reminding me, I’m overdue to give him a shout.

Hi Lenny,
Sounds like Greg used a lot of intuition to get this rolling. I would like to have heard his comments on Led Zeppelin.