Maybe (you don't know the way down)

I recorded this years ago in the spare room.

C5, EZDrummer1, and two UAD-1’s

C5 was my first venture since a Tascam 4-track… and i eventually learned a lot. Still struggle with EQ and separation though. But i like this mix, except my vocal, it’s too tame and I can do better.

All played/programmed by me.

I welcome any pointers from the pro’s.

Here’s another I done more recently from an old session

again where am I going right/wrong?

One of my songs I really rate… (about Iraq war), when I started using VSTi’s…

Dear Son.

Thanks for listening, if you made it past Track 1! 8)

Hi, listened to the first one. Sounds pretty good to me. The drums are very convincing, nice job.

sounds fine to me…