MB Envelope Shaper Live mode bug ?

Hi all, here’s a repro :

  • Show channel latency on mixconsole

  • Insert a Multiband Envelope Shaper on a track

  • By default, latency is 2ms (live mode turned off)

  • Enable “live” mode on the plugin

  • Nothing changes, mixer still reports 2ms latency

  • Toggle “live” mode OFF and ON again

  • Latency disappears !

  • Now, drag and drop your MB Envelope Shaper with the “live” mode ON on another insert slot

  • Mixer reports 2ms channel latency as if “live” mode was turned off…

  • Toggle “live” mode OFF and ON afain

  • Latency disapears !



Reported to Steinberg CAN-29850.

Thanks for confirming Martin !