MBC bug? Can anyone confirm?

Hi all,

Can anyone confirm that on the MBC Ratio controls, the scroll wheel has no effect when hovering over the Ratio control, ie:

  1. In the MBC, hover over any control knob (except Ratio) and work the scroll wheel - the value changes. You don’t have to click on the control first, either.

  2. Now hover over Ratio and try the wheel - the Ratio doesn’t change, even after clicking on it.

It breaks the flow, it being like this.

Thanks, Crotchety

Assuming this is a bug, while you’re fixing it, how about enabling scroll-wheel control for the gain bars and crossover points?


It does work, but really really slow. Around 3 secs of scrolling for 0.1 ratio change.
This looks like a bug to me.
Not that I ever scroll my controls, I always use alt+click to get access to fine control with shift.

In the info line (ctrl+I) you can scroll (or alt+click) event volume, fade times etc. for selected event(s) but of course thats one click more than doing it directly on an event.


So it does! Well I guess we can’t complain about not being able to dial it in with precision. I tried your Alt-Click method (I think!) but it didn’t seem to make a difference what keys I held down, scrolling was just as fine.

Anyway, it looks like a bug to me too, they should all behave the same.

Thanks for your support,

The alt+click&drag should give you a popup fader which works like a normal mixer fader, shift gives fine control.
Yes, shift gives fine control combined with the scroll wheel too but I like the fact that I can drag the whole range of the knob very fast with only alt+click&drag and then hit shift for that last fine adjustment, eyes closed. With the scroll wheel the coarse adjustment takes ages.


Okay, got it now (d’uh). I’d completely forgotten about the sliders, I see what you mean about them. Cheers, bud. C