MBit+ dither

Curious if there is any thought on employing the MBIT+ dither in the Master Section. UV22 high can be a bit bright sounding.


Can’t you get such a plugin?

MBit+ dither is in iZotope Oxygen plugin. So just get that and you’ll have your dither!


You mean Ozone. It has the MBIT+ dither options…


Or if all you want is Mbit dither, then save some coin and buy AudioFile Engineering SampleManager or WaveEditor.
Both applications are around $80 each and include Izotope’s Mibit dither and SRC and time compression/expansion algorithms. A steal for $80 each.

Granted with Wavelab 7 you don’t “need” either application, as as they don’t do anything more than Wavelab (in fact they do alot less). But they are complimentary and nice tools to have. Sometimes I use Sample Manager just because I’ve got scripts (they call them Workflows) ready to go to quickly convert files.

But as a package or for editing features, Wavelab is king.

But with WaveEditor installed, you could use the Izotope’s dither on Wavelab?

No. Unless of course the dither option in WE is a standalone plugin - which it probably is not.

With respect to the actual iZotope algorithms - I solved it and bought Soundforge since it ships with both the izotope SRC+ Sample Conversion and MBit+ Dithering elements…SF get used exclusively here for processing vinyl transfers and other specialized projects…

Pricey way to solve the issue? Yes - but it’s was well worth the small upgrade price…



NO as mentioned you can’t use the AudioFile Engineering products in Wavelab - they are standalone alternative applications that do similar things to Wavelab. IE, they are their own applications.

So, I do all my editing in Wavelab and use SampleManager to batch process and SRC that needs done.